Welcome to Eurambeen

At Eurambeen, we provide your wedding guests with a high level of comfortable, convenient, self-catering heritage accommodation. Our destination and midweek packages include all of our accommodation for two nights.


The Bridal Suite with its deluxe king bed and wonderful spaces to prepare for your big day is set in our large historic garden with history, comfort, privacy and serenity as key features.


Our other accommodation for your guests is in the gardens. The house where the guys get ready is the overseers house on the farm.

Mrs Beggs Apartment

The Bridal Suite is Mrs Beggs Apartment.  This large luxurious private apartment is within within the main homestead.  Agnes Beggs, one of the original owners of Eurambeen lived in the apartment when the homestead became too large for her to manage.


With private entrances, it has one large bedroom, bathroom and a large lounge with a wood fire. The dining room adjoins a fully equipped kitchen with everything you’ll need to enjoy a delightful and relaxing stay.


The apartment has a beautiful aspect and looks out to the Eastern and Southern homestead gardens. The apartment is ideal for couples.

The Manager’s House

The Manager’s House was built in the 1950s to house the Eurambeen Manager and his family. The house has recently been completely refurbished for our wedding guests.


It is now a comfortable home with three bedrooms containing a fully equipped kitchen and new bathroom. There are two queen bedrooms and a third bedroom equipped with two single bedrooms.

All linen is provided.

Overseer’s House

The Overseer’s House is a spacious four bedroom house on the Farm close to the woolshed reception area. This house is usually the house where the ‘boys’ prepare for the wedding. The Overseers House has recently been completely refurbished. It contains three queen bedrooms and a fourth bedroom equipped with two single bedrooms.

All linen is provided.

The Old Schoolhouse


The Old School House was built to educate the four daughters of the Beggs family. Their governess taught the girls in the School House daily.


The School House is a delightful rustic Baltic Pine lined building. It has one queen bedroom, a bathroom, a lounge and a fully equipped kitchenette.

The Old School House looks out over the citrus, herb and vegetable gardens of Eurambeen Homestead.