We provide a high level of comfortable, convenient and self-catering heritage accommodation whilst respecting the privacy of guests. Our accommodation is set in a large historic garden with history, comfort, privacy and serenity as key features.We are situated 7km from the town of Beaufort in the beautiful Pyrenees district and within 1 hour of the Grampians

Weddings & Events

Eurambeen Historic Homestead and Gardens are open to groups by appointment..  Eurambeen Historic Homestead and Gardens is also available for a range of events including weddings and private functions.We specialise in DIY weddings, allowing you to tailor your experience to best siut you.

News / Media

Eurambeen Historic Homestead and Gardens is an Historic Landmark of Victoria’s rural heritage, built in the 1850s. Eurambeen has a three acre garden designed by Edna Walling which was commissioned when the home was extended in 1927.